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Keen One Enthusiasts

William and Adeline Algea 

Meet William and Adeline!  At ages 3 and 1 they are starting to realize how delicious a healthy diet can be! They are enjoying our Keen One Original cooked in veggie stock with celery, onions, sage, yellow peppers, and dried cherries.  Cooking children a meal that is not only packed with protein, fiber, and iron is important, but also keeping them full for hours is a win win for both the parent and the child.  Their mother, Kelly can attest to how easy it is to make them this quick organic meal.  Thanks for the love William and Adeline, all the way from Kentucky! 





Scott and Yael Hammesfhar

Scott and Yael are HUGE Keen One Quinoa fans. Living in the bustling metropolis of San Francisco, Scott and Yael lead quite an active life while also adhering to a vegan diet. So it is no surprise that quinoa has become a staple in their kitchen over the last few years. They each love how Keen One allows them to make a quick and easy, organic meal full of flavor. While they like all of the flavors, they both agree that Garden Medley is their favorite. Thanks for the support Scott and Yael! Keep on keeping on.


Pam O'Brien

Meet Pam, Keen One Enthusiast. Pam is a long time Colorado resident and the mother of two children. She has always been very health conscious which begins with a balanced diet. She loves how Keen One Quinoa makes it easy to incorporate her new favorite superfood, quinoa, into her diet. She is a fan of all the flavors but admits that Thai Curry is her favorite.

Pam told us, “I love the versatility of the products. The entrée mixes and cereals are great on their own, but I really enjoy challenging myself to come up with creative ways to incorporate quinoa into a healthy meal.” 

Thanks Pam, we look forward to hearing about your creative quinoa dishes.




Angela & Sydney

Meet our newest K1 Enthusiasts, Angela and Sydney. Angela is a fitness coach with Team Beachbody Health and Fitness and Sydney is her two year old daughter who is a huge quinoa fan. Angela tells us, "I love Keen One Quinoa because it's wholesome organic nutrition and my 2 year old loves it too, which is so important! It's a big goal of mine to raise her to be aware of what she eats and to enjoy good, quality food!" Thank you Angela for all the support!


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Cliff & Luke 

All smiles from our two youngest Keen One Enthusiasts. Cliff & Luke love the taste of Keen One Quinoa and mom loves the healthy benefits. We think they look pretty cool in the gear too. They may have to grow into their new hats, but with Keen One Quinoa they should be well on their way. Cliff’s favorite is the Cinnamon Raisin Super Cereal with his yogurt in the morning, while Luke enjoys being  creative with the Original recipe with his dad.




Steve Lakes

Steve has been a long time fan of Keen One Quinoa; he loves how quick and easy the mixes are to cook but his favorite, as seen with the smile below, is Chocolate Nut Krunch. Steve spends a lot of time outside living in beautiful San Diego and he always tries to keep Chocolate Nut Krunch within reach for a tasty, healthy snack.




Peter Wemple 

Peter Wemple is a ski instructor at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming. He resides in Wilson, WY and is a longtime fan of Keen One Quinoa. And he needs all the quinoa he can get; he averages over 120 days of skiing each season! Chocolate Nut Krunch is his favorite and always keeps a bag with him on the slopes for a tasty snack with long lasting energy. Thanks for all of your support Peter and keep shredding the powder!



Hunter Chang

Hunter Chang is about as Keen on Keen One Foods as it gets. His enthusiasm for these tasty quinoa products has brought much needed graphic design, website expertise, and most importantly fun and comic relief since the humble beginnings at CU. When Hunter is not munching on his favorite Keen One Quinoa products or making awesome websites, he enjoys snowboarding, eating unique foods, and traveling all over the world!

David Wemple

David Wemple is a long standing Enthusiast of Keen One Quinoa who has helped drive awareness since the early years in 2009. He is an avid Super Cereal eater and loves it paired with Greek Yogurt in the morning..Thank you Dave for all your help and enthusiasm spreading the good word!