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Better, Faster Food


Located in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Eatsa is a healthy and nutritious fast food restaurant that is run off of iPads.  Eatsa serves Quinoa as a staple in every breakfast, lunch and dinner option.  Eatsa chose Quinoa because Quinoa is a complete protein and not limited to being a topping or supplement.  Quinoa can absorb any flavor or sauce making it a perfect base for their bowls.  In addition, Quinoa is a highly efficient to produce. Unlike animal-based proteins, which require significant food and water inputs, Quinoa consumes few resources while producing high amounts of protein.  Quinoa production requires 1/30th the amount of energy compared to animal protein production. Having the restaurant be almost fully automated with zero human interaction, Eatsa has been a smashing success.  There are three locations currently, but Eatsa is planning on expanding with ten more across the US.